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Co-parenting vs Parallel parenting: divorce the toxic ex while dealing with kid’s visitation schedule and parenting plan

Co-parenting vs Parallel parenting: divorce the toxic ex while dealing with kid’s visitation schedule and parenting plan

Are you forced to deal with the crazy ex so you can take care of your kids, but co-parenting is impossible?

Dealing with the toxic ex because of the kids and feel like things are worse than before?

This book will give you the information you need to co-parent or parallel parent your kids


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About the Book

Are you co-parenting with a jerk?

If coparenting isn’t working and your parenting plan is constantly not being followed, learn about parallel parenting as part of the parenting plan

Co-parenting books talk about just that, co-parenting. This form of dealing with the other parent while trying to agree with the children’s visitation schedule and a parenting plan doesn’t always work, especially if you are dealing with a narcissist or a borderline personality disorder. 

You and your kids may be better off with parallel parenting. A parallel parenting plan is similar to co-parenting, but it can actually be more beneficial for everyone, except the controlling ex. Your kids don’t want their lives disrupted, and Co-parenting vs. Parallel parenting discusses how the ex can actually use co-parenting against you and the kids.

Parallel parenting is a newer form of parenting that divorced couples can use after divorce. It takes some manipulative power away from a controlling parent. Most find that parallel parenting can reduce the stress and worry that co-parenting seems to cause. 

You will learn:

  • how parallel parenting relieves stress – yours and the kids
  • why parallel parenting can stop the other parent from derailing schedules
  • the tools that make parallel parenting easy to manage
  • how the kids are affected if co-parenting isn’t working
  • the skills you need to effectively co-parent or parallel parent

This parenting book can help with the strategies you need

Series: Divorce Self Help Guide Books, Book 5
Genres: Divorce, Non-Fiction
Tags: co-parenting, co-parenting with a jerk, coping with divorce, divorce, parallel parenting, parallel parenting plan, parenting plan, parenting plan workbook, Recommended Books
Publisher: Mind Architecture, Inc
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9780998086583
List Price: 1.99
eBook Price: 1.99
Co-Parenting is a practical survival guide for divorced parents, structured around similar but crucially different concepts of ‘co-parenting’ and ‘parallel parenting’ - the former involving face-to- face contact, the latter requiring solely written or email contact. The book primarily advises on maintaining a sense of security for children within a shared custody arrangement. It also discusses the possible long-term effects that loss of this security may have on a child, through anecdotal experiences. Written from the perspective of an American parent, it offers less harmful methods of communicating with an ex-spouse, while acknowledging what is often an emotionally fraught process. Though the author refers to a calendar and journaling system of his own invention, the book largely avoids excessive salesmanship, instead, he offers viable, though imperfect alternatives. In addition, these methods provide inroads into sane shared finances and effective ways of conveying information to courts or lawyers. Overall, Co-Parenting is a compassionate, rational text, written in a straightforward, jargon-free style which is easy to follow and understand. Throughout, Co-Parenting emphasizes communication alongside conscientious record keeping, as an essential aid to parent and child welfare.
– Write for Hire Blog
An interesting read for all those going through a family crisis. Having seen divorces and closely observed a few experiences in my own family, it feels like this is a handbook of what can otherwise be seen practically. It is very natural to see two peoples perspective in a divorce and then we tend to take sides. The book, however, gives the conveniently ignored perspective of the children that are involved in a family going through a divorce. All their dilemmas are highlighted along with proposals for practical solutions for the same. It then talks about the concept of co-parenting. We hear about so many custody battles and how little children can be shattered emotionally in the course of a divorce for no fault of their own. This notion has been logically opposed and it is interesting to understand how the child needs both the parents for a sense of calm and normalcy. Even though your ex might be toxic, you need to look out for the betterment of your child. It has drastically altered my take on this entire issue. A must-read for anyone who wants an insight into hands-on parenting skills. Fresh perspectives and word. A read worth the time!
– Dawn
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About the Author
Stephen A. Anthony

I am an average guy that got blindsided when my wife took the kids and ran. She went to a women's shelter claiming I was abusing her and the kids. I didn't know where my kids were or when I would see them again.

That was just the beginning of an 8 + year struggle against her, against the lawyer, against the court. A high conflict divorce if there ever was one. At every turn it seemed no one cared what I was going through, just that it get done quickly. No one cared what happened to my kids. Things I thought were true, weren't and there were many things I should have done differently.

When dealing with someone that has a personality disorder like Narcissism or Borderline, you need to be prepared for a different divorce than most are used to. I want to help others be better prepared for the challenges when divorcing someone that seems crazy to you but normal to the court. Don't put up with the poison that your ex will create while you are splitting.

The series of books I've created are a direct result of my experience and knowledge I've gained talking with lawyer, counselors, teachers, and mediators. If you need the help and don't know where to turn, let me lend you that hand.

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