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Origins of the website

Have you struggled through divorce against a mentally unstable person? Is your divorce so crazy and stressful you don’t know if you can handle one more moment?

Is the court and your lawyer not listening to you? Does it seem no one cares about your kids well being except you?

Hey, I get it and I want to help.  I went through it. For 8 years and thousands of dollars. 

This website is where you can get help. The focus will be on mental health and how it affects divorce. The courts are used to mentally healthy people getting divorced. When someone who is not mentally healthy is getting divorced, all the regular rules go out the window, yet the courts treat the proceedings the same. They don’t recognize personality disorders (including narcissism, borderline personality, histrionic, and antisocial disorders) as an issue during the divorce, thereby causing even more problems for the other party and any children. This site will explore that in more depth.

This site will supply information about personality disorders and mental health and dealing with someone who may have a mental health illness. The hope is to spread awareness that will lead to change.

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