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Temper tantrum in court

One of the problems in divorcing a personality disordered person is that many can show their nice, sweet, victim public mask to the world, including in court. As far as the court is concerned many times, what happens outside the court is hearsay. Someone with a mental health issue can use that and act wonderfully in court.  Sometimes, though, they lose it.

Watch the following video:


I don’t know these people and I don’t know the whole story. There may be a lot that we don’t know. What the judge says, to both parents, about he better not hear of either parent saying anything bad about the other – that right there would probably fix quite a few problems and quite a few parents returning time and again to court. Of course, more judges probably don’t say that, because the lawyers want that assured income – but that’s my opinion.

The judge appears to be targeting the mother a bit. My bet is that the mother was keeping the father from seeing the son and going to court causing problems saying the father was this that or the other thing. Based on the judge’s comments, I would bet that she wasn’t able to actually prove that and the father was able to show he wasn’t like that.

Then the mother loses it. She talks back to the judge and then BAM – she’s being stupid. Or crazy, if you like. Really? You think you can act that way and make a judge feel like he should back down and do as you say? It is difficult to understand what she is saying at times, so there may be something to her claims. I don’t know for sure. From what I have witnessed, though, her actions are classic personality disorder actions. Didn’t get your way and start yelling and screaming. the claims she is making are probably only that way in her own head. Again, I don’t know the whole story, I’m just going on what I have witnessed and what other men I’ve talked with have witnessed in their own lives.

I’d love to hear what others think.

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