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The Tuck Institute and Sleep Hygiene

One of the problems with a crazy divorce is that it is a stressful time for you. Stress can have many detrimental effects on your health – both physical and mental. My divorce was extremely stressful and I had to find as many ways as I could to reduce that stress. I learned a lot about how stress affects you and many ways to help alleviate that stress and wrote a book on helping relieve your stress while divorcing.

An area that is often neglected is sleep. Dealing with stress is much more difficult when you are tired. Lack of sleep makes dealing with your divorce and the crazy ex near impossible, yet most people will push themselves and not get the sleep they need.

There is a company, The Tuck Institute, that specializes in sleep health They have articles and resources to help people with their sleep. Better sleep and a more rested body and mind will help your stress and make it easier to deal with whatever happens at court.

A good article to start with is their Sleep Hygiene Checklist. The article talks about habits and things to do before bed. Good sleep is important for your health, but most people go about it the wrong way and then wonder why the next day seems so difficult.

This company has research the effects of sleep for good and bad. By following and doing the simple things in the checklist, you can improve your life. This in turn will help you and make your court time easier to deal with.

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